Friday, May 26, 2017

Be who you are

I have 2 older siblings who I kinda arent that close too and I have accept that they will never look at me as an equal...That is fine with me. I dont fuckin care anymore. When I was younger, Teen and when I was in 20's I really was sad about the fact the thought I was "strange" "Odd" "not like others"  Fuck them! They live their boring "normal" life and I live mine oh so great life. According to myself. Heck they dont even talk to me unless its A Happy Birthday or Merry Christmas. Thats the way it supposed to be right? Its soo difficult to ask someone "How are you?" once in a while. 😒

When I turn 30 wich is on June 24th. I wont answer the phone or say thank you on Fb.😂😁😝😜
I wont accept your congrats. I can live without them. For sure.
I got other amazing people in my life who I consider more family than they are. Theyre not family. I do have my amazing mom and my younger bro and sister 💖

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