Monday, July 3, 2017

Interesting documentary i watched

I saw this documentary on TV abt a stalkers tonight...So I decided to post some of  the info I found on google. Always good to keep an watching eye ,šŸ‘€ Since social media is out there and all.šŸ˜³šŸ˜².. They used facebook and emails to contact them. Some women shared their stories abt how they were stalked. Poor them.

4 Different types of Stalkers: 

  • The rejected stalker. This person was rejected in a relationship, and they perceive it as an insult, they feel wounded, and they are seeking vindication.
  • The resentful stalker. These are self-righteous, self-pitying people who may threaten, but they are the least likely to act on it.
  • The intimacy-seeking stalker. They believe they are loved or will be loved by the victim. Often they focus on someone of higher social status. This person is mentally ill and delusional.
  • The incompetent. This person is socially backward. He doesn't really understand the social rules involved in dating and romance .He doesn't mean any harm.
  • The predator. This is about sex gratification, control, and violence. The stalker doesn't necessarily know the victim. The victim may not know she is being stalked. But a predator plans their attack, rehearses it, has lots of sexual fantasies about it.

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