Friday, July 28, 2017

Chester Bennington RIP

Smokey is a little rebel. He is litterly everywhere. But mama loves him anyways. He broke my handsfree too... AND apparently ate some of it. There was some in his poop..Hmmm
Yup so Friday is here. What have I done? going to work. The little I work. And not trying to lose my mind. Thats abt it...  My apartment just looks like a mess. I am thinking of move some furniture. Im kinda sick of how it looks right now. My diet isnt going well either.  Im so tired of fighting. For a job, for everything to become good.  Sigh... Oh well..😕 I cant stop thinking abt Chester Bennington, So freakin sad , that he felt he had to end it all. 😪 Linkin Parks newest song is so powerful so Im gonna share it. 
Oh by the way yesterday at the store, I saw 2 girls infront of me in the line...One had a fabricbag with the text; Linkin Park, That freakin spooked me!!! So weird. 

                                                        My little Rebel Smokey 

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