Saturday, September 2, 2017

Fleamarked turned out to Rainmarket

My mom and I was going to sell stuff on Gottsunda Day at the fleamarket, , I got a table for free cus I live in a certain community buidling. It started at 11 and was supposed to be there til 5 PM. But there was some dark clouds in the sky. Around 1 o clock...We  felt a few drops.. The bam!!! rain just poured down , it was alot of rain!! LMAO 😂 (I just thought it was funny cus what are the odds)  I brought an umbrella but my mom didnt, so we squeesed in mine. Out stuff got wet. We tried to put them underneath the table and on the strollers we had brought them in. It kept raining for a quite bit. We got soaked. I guess the whole thing got cancelled cus due to bad weather, So unlucky. We just started to sell good. Thank God we hadnt paid for it. But still, My mom was pretty upset. She does need money. more than I do. I only sold stuff to get rid of some things...☔

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