Sunday, October 15, 2017

Let Go

I so wanted to go to church today. I was scared to go. I think i might go next sunday. I so wanted to. I wanted to find inner peace. This week has been so exhausting. I dont even want to reminiss about it. Whatever happends will happen. Im so glad my mind is doing better today and I know next week wont be as this week; FOR SURE lol. Gone, Kapish. 
I gotta take care of my mood. I dont know if its PMDD I got or what it is. Its just consuming me for sure. I got an appointment on the 6th talkin abt my medication I will see then. I gotta fix it. I dont want to be this depressed moody person time to time. I cant even recognise myself when I turn like that. I gotta strenght myself again. Just focus on me. And trying to climb that stairs called life.AND stop listening to assholes and son of a bitches who is just clearly jealous of what i got Mind your own buissness... soo BYEE BYEEE BYEEE✌😉Dont need to hear it , so shut up. Shut your mouth,


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