Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Monday sucked

Yesterday was rough. Just felt down. The dentist place I clean at had complaints AGAIN. About small ignorant stuff. I just dont know if I can do it anymore, Living up to their expectations. Going to town to work 1.5 hour. everyday single freakin day. Just so frustrating. Who knew cleaning could be so difficult to do? Apparently  they think they are royalties or something. One day they want me to lick their shoes clean too?? or??  Worst of all is they are  thinking of changing company so my company might lose them.. What if they do that cus of me???!!! I would feel so terrible... I dont know what to do? šŸ˜¢
The thing is I cant get benefits cus they look up 3 months back of your income. They will say You should have saved money for it ... Isnt that stupid. They should look up one month behind instead. How on earth would you know that you will be without a job 3 months before time???  Make no darn sense. So its like im stuck with this. I so hate it so much. Im looking for other jobs. Dont even get called in for interviews....

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