Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Didnt see that coming

I got a call today , it was from a company I been applying to, They seemed intrested. I told them I got another one too. I said I want to come for an interview anyways. What I have now is not enough of hours. Im still intrested as heck. I didnt say heck but you get the idea.He will call and schedule an interview. I do hope so. I so wanna get my debts out of my way. Theyre bothering me so much. I want to start saving for another trip. For next year. So this day was sure a Blessing. God did hear my prayers last night.

BUT Ive been waiting like a fool for a call from My man  this week...I dont know If he will be calling. I should stop having my eyes glued on if that phone calls or not.👀 I just miss him so damn much. 😟 I got work tomorrow. I will be working on my own. I hope it goes well

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