Monday, January 1, 2018

Hello 2018

I got a call from my man around 12.30 Am.I was hoping but I didt expect it.  He wished me a Happy New Year. 💖 So freakin nice. Too bad he aint here. 😢Im gonna save up and go see him this year. Save up more.  Its actually 3 am and I cant sleep. Its gonna be  a looong New years eve night for suuure. UGH. I hate insomnia.....
Earlier My younger bro was drunk  ( still are ) and videochat with me n my mom. Gosh he so needs help. We cant help him. Only he can. He did kinda made our night a little troublesome. But what can you do. I hope he does reach out for proffessional help. He cant go on like that. He needs someone to talk to and stay sober!!!

Damn right!!!😆👍

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