Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Chronic pain

I seriously have problems sleeping. Mainly cus Im 80 % in pain whenever I try to lay down and relax. Its so frustrating. I dont know whaat to do... I did manage to go to work yesterday.  Its 3.44 Am. Ive been up since 1 am. Its pretty cool theres people out there who likes my blogging. Even though Im starting to feel like im turning into a complaining bitch at the moment. Sorry Y'all.  I will try to blog about other than my aches and pains. Im not 80 year old yet.

I stumbled upon 2 old videos of Lilly. I can guess shes  younger than 1 year old. About 8-11 months.
so darn cute. I didnt even know I had filmed that. Its  little dark though.

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