Saturday, February 24, 2018

My boss txt me today

Umm you do know its SATURDAY right? She just ruined my weekend. Fuck it! Shes nice but hey have some boundaires. AND It was a complaint. Ohhh Greeeeaaatt. It was misscommunication , Apparently I was going to go there on Monday next week not on Thursday. Thanks for telling me Boss.. So the woman of the house was home cus it was a week off from schools. Shes a teacher I could tell she was irritated I was there. I said I can go back home if you want to. Its up to you. She said okay you can do it today. Maybe thats why my cleaning all of sudden aint good. (Just a thought) Im going nuts with this high maintaince job. I cant do any better what Im doing already.😖😩😪  I wish I could just quit, but I cant, I need the money.

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