Tuesday, April 24, 2018

OMG what a joke!!!!

I was at the job coach meeting and , I cant believe how useless it was. Just a joke?! The groupmeeting was about what kind of different personalities you can have or your co worker is or boss.... And why do you need to work and what other aspects a work is good and not good for you... LMAO...WTF?? That will help me get a job. evaluate my personality???? They gotta be kidding me.  Im stuck going there twice a week. Til I get a job.. OHH LORD! I really thought they were a little serious. This will be going on for 2 months... Theyre like Oh we want to get to know you  what jobs you can be capable of doing before it all begins. I dont need that , Psshhh . Well 2 months is a long time before you can really help...Guess its all up to me. Yet again. 😄Suprise i am not.

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