Monday, June 4, 2018

Forgetful me

I had my first apartment cleaning. 2 people were moving out from a campus aparment building. It was just one room, bathroom and one small hallway. so x 2 that. I did get help from my mom lol she did the bathrooms. We sure worked hard today.  She had to leave before my cleaning superviser came. After I was finished . I headed over to her place to use the toilet. I then went to Lidl and then to the bus, I was almost home got off the bus, I didnt have my keys with me in my bag!!!

YUP I had forgotten them at my moms place.😑😒 Sooooo I had to aall the way back to her get the keys and then back home. Next time I wont forget them. Or I will have a spare key hidden somewhere. So i wont happen again. 👀

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