Thursday, June 14, 2018

Trouble with the phone

Yesterday when I decided to put on the phone. It says invalid simcard... Must be because that guy hasnt paid the bill. That has to be the reason. I know my man has tried to call me on Tuesday and yesterday. I cant reach him since I dont have his nr and Im not on facebook. 😐😕I did pay him 3 days ago I believe. He better put that money on the phone or whats the point of having it if its not working. 😠Well we have been without a phone for 9 years so I guess it shouldnt be too hard. But I think it will be more hard for him though. He does call alot at times. And always so darn late, That can be annoying.  Lets see what happens if it starts working soon.
Im not in the mood to talk. Especially since whats been happening. 😔Feels like im just a burden and in a bad mood alot lately.

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