Monday, August 6, 2018

Just miss you baby

Well I havent heard from my guy since 21 July. It does feel a little weird. We usually talk on weekends. But No call this weekend either... hmmm. I must say it has been okay anyways. I got time to miss him and I even dreamed about him TWICE. It was 2 very nice dreams šŸ’˜
I hope he is okay (wich I think he is) and that he is not upset with me , (then I dont know what I did wrong?? ) I hope God will take care of him and let his spritit up.

It hasnt been easy these couple of months .especially with that phone. It has brought us further away from each other, than closer. Its sad but I think its true.. Its has brought up alot of negativity and arguments, insecurities. I hate that!!!!! šŸ˜¢

Just miss him alot. I will deff say that next time I talk to him. Sometimes I forget what i want to say.

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