Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Still waiting for info....

I know the fact my boss is back from his "vacation". BUT he damn sure hasnt answered my email about why my doctors note isnt valid😒. This is not how you treat an former employed. I feel sorry for the ones who are. Im so glad they let me go. Working for those MTF's, no thanks!!!!😐😆

Other than that I was happy to talk to My guy on Thursday night. He called around 3 am. LOL I was asleep very much but I dont care I was just so happy to hear f rom him. We have had some real problems these couples of months. Just stress and overall missunderstanding. He still hurt over what I did last year. I just want him to know Im not keeping anything from him. 😘💖That he can 100 % trust me.
I so have to remember to say that next time we talk.

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