Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Working hard and people are full of shit

This is my second day of working alone. Yesterday was tough. I did finnish in time.  I almost forgot 2 restrooms in the back. Thankfully I realised it. I think I did forget them before... hehe.
Its just alot to take in on the first days. Im thankful for it even if my feet are burning afterwards. Now it means I can take care of finances , Pay off my loans!! YAYY!!!!! Save money and treat my man too. 😍😃😄💖 AMEN. I just realised we dont have alot of time to talk  on the phone. I will deff put money on that!! 👌
Im just fed up with people who pretend to care. Just because I just got a job. The ones who dont even bother to check up on you. Im saying buh Bye to you all. 

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