Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Have to go to work twice today

Yesterday I couldnt get in to the second floor of the High school. The stupid alarm didnt unlock the door!!!! This is the second time it happends?! So I called my boss and he thought I was making it up. Like it was just happening to me? Then he called the principal and apparently they have also had problems with the door , Seeeee I wasnt making it up. 👀
Now I have to go back there today in the morning to clean the restrooms. Then just because they have parent teacher meeting, I have to start working at 7.30 pm...I asked my mom if she could help me. If it jsut me I will be done at 12 at night? Not happening!!!!!
UGH what a mess. If only that door had worked. Atleast I didnt have to go there 2 times today. 😒
Just so freakin annoying. 

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