Thursday, October 11, 2018

Your the best!!!

It was so nice hearing from my sweety. I really missed him.😘💖💏 Man I wish I could kiss him for real....And I felt like crap last night. It was so nice talking to him. He is the best!!!!  It started around 9ish pm. I might think it was the burger I ate but Im not sure. I was feeling very naseuse and just stomach cramps. It lasted all night til 4 am. I couldnt go to work. The other one I got. Plus I emailed her about that I was sick.I  never got a respond from her. Very proffesional NOT. Even if she is pissed she could let me know she knows... 😒but whatever. I just dont feel like its my right place to work. I got another offer anyways. And  they will call me whenever they need staff. That sounds alot better. 😄👍

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