Sunday, November 18, 2018

What a nice snoozing Weekend

Ive been resting sooo much this weekend. I still feel tired though. Might be some vitamine deficiency. I will try to take my vitamines and so, that I will do. 👌👍Next week is payday! Woho!!! Im gonna buy a new heater cus mine broke down. Still comes a little warm air but not enough. I...Kinda like putting my feet near it. Soo darn nice lol 💖😍
Talked to my guy on Friday. Was nice hearing from him like always. He sure can make me laugh. He is so crazy. 😂😏😁💖💕

Ps. I will try to blog more than I do. I said try 😋 If anyone want to you can follow me on Twitter. I dont post too much there but if you want to. dark_fairy87 is my twitter 

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