Saturday, February 9, 2019

Feeling empty today without you

So I thought this week was tough without the calls. I was wrong , Its more tough right now. The first weekend without his calls...Gosh. I hope this feeling passes. 😢I think it will. One day at a time I sure hope he will write soon and not be lazy about it. I will write every week (try to atleast) .

 Im actually preparing his valentines day gift (kinda)💘 I promised him some photos and they are really really late. I just have been so busy with work and no energy. But Im finally gonna send them for development. Some spicy ones too. He loves my body and everything- me on the other hand...Ehh I dont know. I look like a blob in my eyes 😂😂 I hope he will like them (I sure he will) I dont think any guy would say no to underwear pics?? 😏

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