Saturday, February 23, 2019

That Bitch!!!

I got a txt from my clean leader. She had been in the school. I went there after my other work. She showed me a pic from one toilet that oh look its dirrty. And she says all of them look like that.. .Bullshit!!!. šŸ˜” And she claims I havent done anything extra while I was there. HELLOOO Are you blind??  Then she said she will talk to my boss. So now I will get my hours cut and I guess they will hire someone else to do half of the school... Great... Just my luck...šŸ˜”Now I gotta find more hours. I dont feel like working there anymore. That witch is impossible to satisfy , Its a school, not a hospital.
Just tired of not feeling im doing a good job. When I am.  She will come back next week to see if I corrected it... Well I wont be there. I will call in sick.. I cant stand meeting her. She is so freakin rude. I can take critism but she is rude and mean when she says it. You can treat your employees good without being a rude bitch .

I asked my other work if they had anything more I am willing to take it. Hopefully I will. I will look for other jobs. Im not sure I wanna continue there at all.

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