Saturday, April 6, 2019

Damn Im clumsy Im no fixer

You may wonder what that is...Its my laptop screen. The screne had started to crack around the edges soI decide to try to fix it with superglue.... Yeeeahh.. I kinda took too much of it and I was holding it totgether too hard. This is the result lmao... I got 2 options. 1. Try to fix it...or 2 buy a new laptop.
I dont know what it cost but I can assume it cost as much as a new one.  So I kinda did some research with the help of my brother. He found a cheap but pretty good laptop. I will buy that one pretty soon. Right now im doing computor stuff through my tv screen. Its pretty irritating.  😒😑 an  everything is so small too cus my tv isnt exactly close up as a comp screen is... Sigh... Well I learned my lesson.

I will try to blog some more. I know I havent done it as much. Just been busy with work. I got more hours and its going great so far.

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