Saturday, April 27, 2019

Just an update on me

So darn cute  I admit I would love to one of them, I have enough lol

2 days ago I think I got the news from my neighbor. Mirabelles Mamas owner. Mira had kittens (Her moms name) but one didnt surivive. She told me to come up and I got to see that little fella. He was cold and wasnt moving at all. so tiny . She asked me if I Wanted to come and join to bury that kitten and ofcourse I said. We went and buried him in the woods. Had a small funeral. 😟😭
But she had 4 healthy kittens. 2 black ones 2 striped ones 

Other than that just work, work , work. 
Friday morning I just felt when I woke up fuck I just wanna stay home...I was about to call in sick. I realised , Oh yeah I got the key to the place. I usually always have it on me... So I had to go. Was a freakin mtf day for sure. 
Sucked at work and then after I was gonna get nail polish I bought from Shpock after work I was already in town. But my phone died just when I was about to check where the adress was again. I thought I could go anyways I kinda remembered where it was but not exactly. 

I didnt find it. I was in the right neighbor hood. I couldnt message the girl. My phone was dead. I headed home , angry tired and disappointed. 😤😟😡I explained to her later what happened. She said I could come over some other day. 

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