Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Went to see Backstreet Boys on DNA TOUR 2 June

Sorry for a little late update. Just been so down and no energy. I went to see Bsb with my brother and sister. It was awesome!!!😍😍😍 My pictures I took wasnt the greatest My phone sucks. But I took some of google. The tour looks basically the same all over the world?  lol I was so worried the tickets would be fake ,so before I went in I Was like praying a million times. WE GOT IN. I will never buy tickets from viagogo though. You never know... 😑😒 I bought a poster that looked like this:

There was other things. A mug, key chain, hoodie, t shirts, cost like 40 bucks for those. The mug was 20. The poster was only 5 , hehehe.

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