Friday, September 6, 2019

Another week checked

So this is basically this weeks update. Im still so bad at blogging regularly...I know lol
but here is a update on me anyways... I was in a experiment study earlier , last month . I started to take this pill and I missed a period...So I stopped taking it 3 weeks ago...Im still waiting for my darn period!!! FUCK. have I messed up my hormones now?? GULP. I cant start taking the shots to begin to donate egg if I donr have my period... Can you have period without bleeding??? Hmm tried to find answers on it..  Just a little worried 😢😟 I hope its on its way. I can feel the pre period feelings.. But nothing so far. Just gonna pray for it..

I havent messed up at work wich is great. Im trying to find a new job its not gonna be easy I really dont feel like I belong there nomore. Im gonna keep looking.

I really miss my man too. Seems like FOREVER since I got a letter... Snail Mail..🐌 Mhm
💖💏 I hope he is doing well and that he missed me too .

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