Thursday, September 26, 2019

Fuck this week!!!

This week has been such a bad fuckin week...First of all I got an appointment tomorrow to remove my eggs. And I thought I had my usual schedule...I was wrong. I got the news on Wednesday that one of my co workers had the day off cus she had to take her boy to the dentist. SOOO I have to take her places... UGH!! I got a place I cant be late for its a store and they open at 10 am so I gotta be there 9.30. My appointment is at 7.45 in the morning. You see how stressful that day will be . I gotta make it to that time... Like why cant they inform me before. What if I had something planned wich I had?? They cant just hand over something and think everything is okay... I got a life outside work??? Why did she get the WHOLE day off??? Hmmm... NOT FAIR

Plus It seems I cant get off work when Im supposed to go see my man, I was gonna go there during 7th -18th november... My mom couldnt go on 31 oct- 11th nov. Cus my nieces and bro is coming over. She is pretty stressed over it too. He planned this birthday party at her place. Just decicded it just like that...Have you consider asking her??? Anyways. My boss said Well the Halloween week would be more suitable cus theres more workers available or something like that. Well I had to plan it out with the person who is gonna take me to see him and its very frustrating to change it plus If i go the Halloween week I willb be going all alone? How fun is that. I dont know what the heck Im gonna do but I think im gonna call in sick or something and if they fire me they fire me. I will start looking for a new job from today I got a 2 months til then.

This is MTF mess !!!!!

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