Monday, December 23, 2019

Have a Meowy Christmas

Im not a BIG fan of Christmas. But I thought this one was extremely cute....  😍💖I have siblings but hey it feels like I dont have any. Especially around this time. Im not very close to any of them. And they dont even pay attention to me anyways ,  lol Soo I wont bother to do so. Thats how it is... I still got my man + my furbabies. and my mom. I do wish I had some close friend...but sadly I dont. Its like im used to being alone... and I dont know how to be social anymore. I just want to be to myself... and people just dont get me either, well my humor that is... HAAA!!!
Can anyone relate to that??

Well anyways.... Hope everyone have a somewhat good Christmas🎄 with someone you love, or if you are by yourself , do something you love, watch a good movie, listen to some music.... the list is endless.

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