Thursday, February 20, 2020

Happy Birthday Mom

Today is my Moms Birthday. Shes turning 63. Maybe not the best circumstances what happened last week. I cant believe its been almost 10 days since my brother died. Just the word died...Its just unreal to me. In my mind I believe he will show up. but he wont 😥😭 Ugh... I also stayed home today because I feel like crap. I think im getting sick too. I feel so lethargic and tired. I also need to rest.  My work made me come and work just after 2 days!!! last week after my brothers passing...How selfish and rude AND inconsiderate,  Only thinking about themselves!!!! 😡😠
Im trying to find a job in another field. Personal assistant to disabled. Theres alot of job in that area. I think I can do it. Plus I do think they make better what I do per hour... Dont get any praise that you are there. Only complains. Like my clean leader and boss were commenting on my clothing. We have to wear the company clothes. I had my own jacked underneath theirs. Shes like you cant wear that , Where is that black jacket i gave you? That black jacket is so heavy and you cant move in it... I was like Im wearing the right outfit. shes like if you start having your jacket underneath then everybody will copy you... Are we 5 years old???  Gosh.  Feels like theyre picking on me. The poor you thing only lasted for 4 days then its right back to , you are our puppet, you must obey!!!

I had it with them.... 😡😠

RIP My Sweet Brother 1989/06/06 - 10/02/2020

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