Saturday, June 6, 2020

I hate you food!! 700 cal diet plan


Im gonna try to eat around 500 cals or something under 1000 cals.  Ijust cant stand my body. I keep failing and failing. So sick of it.Food has totally control of me,

 Not anymore I am gonna have control OVER YOU , FOOD!!!!.. 

I eaten less before around 10 years ago but I can do it. I calculated I can lose 10 kg or 22 pounds in 8 weeks if I  eat 500 calories a day, If I eat 700 calories I will lose 9 kg not too bad either. I think I will start with 700 calories

Atleast I worked out fot 30  minutes today.  I will never let myself turn like this ever again. Im so ashamed I let it go this far. atleast water has no cals or diet pepsi or bubbly water!! I just have to find something else to binge on that has no calories... hmmm 

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