Saturday, June 13, 2020

No money yet!! What is going on?!

Im seriously fed up with loaning money from a bank I got 10.000 sek credit on. I am not proud to loan  food money just to get by. Not a good way. Its been 3 weeks since the unemployment agency was going to look at my case. Annndd nothing yet. Meaning no payments yet. The bills arent paying themselves. And I cant eat grass. I still got some food in my freezer but only for 2 weeks. Then Idk what to do!? Im starting to believe the devil is by my side. OR money just HATES me.  Not God at the moment. For a few months so much has gone wrong. All related to money. GOD I hate money. Yet money is needed to survive.... What a fucked up world we are living in... Why the fuck were we made anyways?? What was the purpose??????? Really tell me.... I want to know??? I am so sick of this life, Im mostly sick of surviving by. Im running out of hope. and willingness to live. For real. Its not fun to live anymore. Sad but the truth. 
I need to take care of my furbabies too. they need food, they need catlitter. I havent helped out my man in 3 months I think. Hopefully he is okay anyways. Maybe he shouldnt be with me. Then he wouldnt be too sad if I disappeared. 

I freakin need a miracle GOD!? do you hear me???? šŸ˜­šŸ˜­šŸ˜­ I need something good to happen to get by. 

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