Monday, September 14, 2020

Donating Egg AGAIN


I called the clinic last week, I think it was Thursday. Nurse said Is it okay if you donate next month, I was like yes ofcourse I can wait...  Then hours later  I noticed caller id was from the clinic again. The doctor had left a voicemail.  .I missed his call. TWICE.šŸ™„ I was wondering why he called. It was too late to call back. So I called the clinic back and then he called again. He said We have been talking and Would you want to donate this month?? I was like  HECK YEAH!! I didnt say heck yeah , I was thinking that. So fast forward here I am on DAY 4 on taking hormone shots for donating egg. They pay GOOD MONEY!! I will tell you that. More than the Hopsital , This is a private clinic šŸ¤‘šŸ„° I hope everything will go well.  

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