Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Have to say goodbye to Furbaby Melissa

💓12 years of Joy 💓

Found a kinda large tumor 3 months ago. It has grown even more, Its as big as a golf ball. And its on her udder. I was at the vet for the second time. She said it had spread to her other side. They would had to have surgery on both side , the surgery would be a major one. Even so she couldnt say if she would be okay after , if the tumors would appear again, if they had spread. The option was to have her put down. So she shouldnt have to suffer as the tumor would spread The udder would eventually leak cus its just growing bigger OH GOSH Melissa I will miss you so much , 😭😭😭 Mama loves you so much!!!!💓💓 You wont be suffering no more. Cats are prone not to show any pain so who knows how much its affecting her. I do see her being lethargic and sleeping more. And she cant move around as normal. The tumor is at her left udder on the back of her legs area

Friday will be her last day. 😢💔



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