Saturday, November 14, 2020

Working hard

Well this  month its been ALOT of hours of work. Wich means alot of 💰💰💰next month. Not bad!!! I am sitting at work right now, Yes sitting. because thats what you mostly do , waiting til he needs help. It can be a bit long and boring but Im glad I got my laptop and my phone with me. Think , you get paid for it??👀😉☺️ Ofcourse I help him with bathroom breaks , he only has like 2 of them a day. Getting into or off the chair. Dressing him. Feeding him. Incase he needs to sit up in the bed etc. could be anytime of the day.  Its alot easier than my last job for sure, they just complained no matter I did it , made me feel worthless.😒 

8 hours to go then home, then back on Sunday doing the same thing.woohooo (sarcastic woohoo kinda) LOL 😂😅


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