Friday, December 4, 2020

Hello December

December is here , Havent really snowed that much . It melted right away. Now its just rain☔ No fun.
Thanks to climate change. I guess rain is the new snow. Woohoo (not)  I just got tv installed. So now we got tv. I know most probably dont but its fun at times. Both my mom and I will have access to it. 
She loves Tv. I would say alot more than I do. I do LOVE that my tv is now in my room... I dont have to watch my movies through my laptop screen constantly... 😍😁

I took a day off from work, well called in sick. I just had to rest some, Been working so much.  Going back tomorrow night. I got 4 night shifts almost after one another. 😏
Friday the 11th I will go to acupuncture session. Exciting!!! I love alternative medicine. 🙃Maybe that will help my aches in my neck.? I really hope so.

I also been sending out Christmas cards to probably 7 people. I really hope they like it. I decorated themselves inside. With sparkling sequins and pink pearls. Inside was pretty dull. All white. the cards cost only 5 cents.. yet they looked pretty i must say.🥰😍
I gotta be better at blogging but then again so people even read this blogs anymore? 
Or is it just so out of style. Who knows.  🤔

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