Friday, January 8, 2021

mom stop lecturing me!!!

Today wasn't a good day. At all. I worked out on Monday.. Too much. Too intense. So now my knee is all swollen. I might go to the doctor. Idk. She thinks I'm making that stuff out too... She's just unbelievable. 

 But I got some packagesOf course my mom is sighing and telling me how I'm a shopaholic and that I buying unnecessary stuff. Blah blah blah.🙄🤨
I deserve it. I work hard. I haven't had good with money in years. Plus I'm not spending it all. I'm saving too. 😒
I think she is just envy that I can buy nice things. She can't. But I bet she has money when she was in my age. What's the problem? I'm not spending it all up. I'm not broke. I'm not spending it on alcohol or drugs. So back off🖕 I'm so fucking tired of it. I can't even buy anything she's on about it. Everyone is not a cheapskate like you... 😑

And this morning the 8th she started with my Pepsi... Never ends... Thankfully I will go to my sister for awhile. 

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