Saturday, February 6, 2021

Hello February

Hello February. 

In 4 days... 4 days it's been 1 year since my brother Simon died!!! It's been a year since that horrible ay happened he took his own life.

Today I am with my older sister and her husband. Been sleeping over since yesterday. We are going to see my younger sister and brother in Norrköpin my 3 nieces maybe 2 of them at least . It's about 2 hour drive. I got the 🌞 in my face lol. It will be good to see them. It's been awhile I seen my brother atleast. He is a separated man now. 😏

I dont know if I will sleep over another night. I kinda miss my cats and home. I get tired of too much ucv socialising. I rarely see anyone besides when I'm at work with the man I look after. 😶🤔

I had to call in sick cus it happened we were going today the weekend I was supposed to work. I hope it's all good. 

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