Saturday, March 13, 2021

My thoughts on Smartphone addiction // Facebook addiction

Its pretty sad how much the phone has become such a important thing in our lives😕😯. People can't even put them away. They got to hold them in their hands at all times.  I got my first phone at 15. Now they have one at young as 8 to 7?? Just crazy to me.... I survived without one at that age. So can they. You are only a kid once. Let them be it. There's just too much crap one the phones .  Same with FB addiction or any social media.  People can just scroll for hours. 🙄                                                        

Also very crazy. I realized FB especially gives me high anxiety so i try to check it less. First it was really hard to not. But i gotten already better at it. Not think about it either. 👍😊 it's the blocking or unfriended or read your message part that gets to me. Ugh. There is a world outside your 📱📴

If you havent seen this you should. Its on Borepanda, 57 images about phone addiction

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