Friday, April 30, 2021

Friday = Neck pain

Gosh my neck is bothering me today, and the last couple of days.😑 Probably because I been on my phone alot to do surveys and such... I need to chill out on that. I found a exciting tv serie called Mars , its a discoverey planet tv show. Its about a crew in 2033 that goes to Mars and well exciting things happen on the way. Its a drama / real facts in it. That makes it even better. I only got to 3rd episode so far. I deff will watch it tonight.!!!! I have to write to my man too.😃😀

 I got his letter last Friday and I havent responded yet. I just felt a bit or alot down and just postpone it. He sent me a graduate picture , with his diploma and his graduation clothes with the hat and tazzle...SO CUTE😍 , but he looks sooo good🤤🥰😘 

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