Sunday, April 18, 2021

Third day after the horrible news

Soooo yesterday the gossip girl called she said; My wife said he said if you will be sick he will take away all of your shifts and give them to someone else, so I cant get sick leave money from it....

Excuse me???? You are psycho , bitch. Who does that. ofcourse I dont feel like going when you do something like that? take away my job just after 5 months...Why did you even give it to me in the first place... I dont care what you do, that is wrong.. I will fight back to get my money!!!! Thats my right. I will call in sick for mental issues cus of what you done. 

Feels like a horrible dream, but then again I didnt like how it was there, 12 hours and being inside all day watching movies or just browse the internet , sounds like a dream right.Not when you do it EVERYDAY! Thank Lord I dont have to see his pizza face again. He is on my nr 1 list on hated person. 


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