Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Trying to fix my sims 3 to work

                                                               My sim is so tired there lol

I have had trouble with my sims 3 , well the household im playing with is lagging and freezing up, AND after you played and want to save I get a error 12 on it.🤔😑 I tried to uninstall and install it again, happens anyways. I got it to work on my laptop, i copied the household and transfered it to the new game. BUT I want to play it on my  other computor , not the laptop...🙄

Im gonna try to do the same on the other comp. I hope it will work..Im running out of ideas..its so frustrating. I  had luck with meeting 2 unicorns, one on my laptop sims 3 and 1 on my other comp. The one , on the laptop is a black unicorn, I actually managed to make it to move in my sims 

The white one I havent had that luck , I never got the chance to spot it since , i never could save my progress... I hope I will get a white unicorn too. 😁😄😃


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