Thursday, July 1, 2021

Sideeffects from Covid Vaccine


So its been 2 days ago since I got the shot. I felt the side effects at evening. I felt dizzy, like I was flying,  Like I was high, tingling in legs, sore arm after the shot was taken. Yesterday I felt it too not during day. I did take a ibuprofen could be why. I had the most uncomfortable stomach pains. Really cramping from 5 Pm to I went to bed... went on. My body was aching , tingling feeling on legs and my arm was sore .Was even worse than first night. I had to take ibuprofen too. Today right now I am feeling okay. My arm is still sore . I will see if I feel weird tonight aswell. 👍👍

I got a extra job going on. The annoying friend recommended me...OFCOURSE!! This gal I am caring for is the grumpiest lady I ever met. Well she was when I was there for 3 days. She's 42?? She has limited mobility but she can walk with a walker. Go to the toilet on her own. Eat on her own... But her attitude is horrible!!!! I dont want to work with her anymore..and I dont want to work in the same company as the annoying friend. She already told me I owe her a bottle of liquor... to helped me get this job... is that what you do if you are helpful person. NOPE.  I have to get rid of her. Ghost her ASAP! 😲😱😧

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