Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Been a tough week


Worked a full 8 hour today. My feet are so sore. Plus my mom forgot her small backpack with her phone in the woods. She didnt realise it til it was 9 pm and gone 5 hours til then..☹️.So we went into the woods, with my phone , cus of the flashlight, looking for it...Kinda thought about Blair Wicht Project...Kinda spooky yet exciting. But boy my feet was even more tired cus of that....We found the phone. I kept calling it. We heard it ring.. Im just waiting for My Smokey to come, I havent seen him for 2 days. He might have been inside but I been sleeping. Soooo I have no idea. Just a bit worried I guess. 

Ps. Smokey got home. 🥰❤️

I havent gotten any letters , except for the small short one with the pics in it...I think he has forgotten about me or just dont want to communicate??😔☹️🙁 I dont know..Hope God is taking care of him..But I think im gonna send some fun Halloween pics anyways. Since so many got sent back.... Btw I got a pumpkin that im gonna carve out tomorrow!!! YAYY🎃

I just feel a bit sad , Not sure why. Maybe I feel better tomorrow. MEHH😑😑

I was supposed to post this yesterday. I forgot 🙄😏

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