Thursday, November 4, 2021

Deep Cleaning the damn school

Im on day 4 on deep cleaning the school. My co worker had to stay home with her child, Wednesday and today... SOOO I have been alone doing all the toilets. Wich seems like 100 of them. Im so exhausted. Today the clean leader came and trying to "help out" well geeeee thanks. She just pissed me off. Talking non stop... Im like can i have a 1 sec of silence....🙄😒 Luckily she only works part time shes on sick leave. SHe left YAY! then I can focus better.  My coworker will be back tomorrow...Wich is GREAT. I really need her. I still have 5 toilets that needs to be cleaned and hallways and other areas..before the students come back from their fall break. They have staircases and one ellivator... Anyways alot to do... ALOT!! 🥵🥵

Its the last day , Not sure if there will be something for next week since they might change company. I will see.. I will take day by day. or One day at a time 🥴👾👽🙏

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