Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Good week so far


Right now im just looking for jobs . Just havent been in the mood to look for one. I do have the part time but idk how long it will last. soooo I found some. Im gonna really start to lose the weight for real this time... I wont rush it. I, really tired of being fat. LOL for real. especially my fat tummy... yuck. 😏😝☹️

I wanted to dye my hair blue highlights but it didnt go so well. first of all it got everwhere the bleach. first I tried peacock blue- turned out more greenish, 😤then i had this dark blue. It really was better. I would like to be more blue. but whatever. Home dye is such a process. takes so much time and its hard to make it turn out as you want it to 🙄🤐 it  looks cool in its way. 

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