Thursday, January 13, 2022

My new bed

 So yesterday me and my mom esambled my new bed. I kinda have slept just on madrass on the floor. I thought it was time to buy a new bed frame. I found a cheap one but seemed pretty okay.  It's really nice to be in that price range. 👍

Just been a hectic week. I work now from 4 pm to8 pm. Im helping out someone at this other school. He doesnt appreciate it. I understand he is stressed and tired. 2 are sick who are supposed to clean. I dont know If I want to go tomorrow cus he was really rude today. 🤨 I'm here helping you out... I don't have tooooo.. 🧐I dont know. I have to think about it......😏😒. Gosh I'm tired. 😴😴😴 

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