Tuesday, March 22, 2022

1 month+ for this letter to arrive ✉️😲

I got a letter from my guy on Monday , yesterday First of all it was totally black and looked weird.🤔👀 I dont know what happened in the process..😂.It was dated 11th Februray. He had written it on 9th Feb.. Just took 1 month, 1 week??!!! 😲😯Talk about SNAIL MAIL. I am really happy I got a letter. Im a bit sad it took THAT long... What you gonna do??? LOL BUT I AM HAPPY. So Haaapppyyyy I got one. 🥳🥰😘

I just been feeling a bit sad today Idk why but maybe tomorrow is better.🤐🤷‍♀️.. Gonna try to get some sleep now ZZzzzZZZ😴💤

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