Friday, May 6, 2022

Friday , and weekend YAY

This week has been soooo tough!! 😭😔  I really mean it. The guy who i work with who cleans half of the school was sick again , I hope I think he will return today? Got the news from my other coworker...He has been gone alot...Im tired of taking his place all the time..😑😒.The company keep asking all the time , can you take his place or his...Its like NO ! NO! NO!😡 I just want to clean my floors thats it...Im tired , my feet are hurting. Its already pressure on me...Why add more???? 😞😩

This company sure doesnt listen to what I say or my team leader doesnt...Shes just a bitch!☠️ Im sorry to say but she is...  AND she asked if I and the other coworker wanted to work on Sunday . NOOO WAY: No way José.✌️

Anyways....Im plannin on doing something fun tomorrow. 😁😊🙂Maybe going to Ikea and look around... Not think about all Bullshit at work.. Work is staying at work.

Cheers for the weekend 🥂🎉🎋✨

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