Saturday, August 20, 2022

Had a health meeting at work ?!

I was back to work yesterday, It was tough but I made it!!!!! 💪😥😊

As in yesterday. I was called in to meet with my cleaning manager. I known it since tuesday. Had been so worried and anxious about it😑😱😳. Really anxiety . I get there and she asked about why I have been gone so many times as in 1 day sick. I told her , I dont remember. I told her about the situation in the School. Its just so freakin stressful, 4 hours and all of the things they want me to do. Wich there isnt time enough to do so!!! It also make me really worried if I will have a job next week, or month or? Since they have threatened to end the contract . Just not cool to your psyche. ☹️

She was understanding. She said she wants her staff to feel good and avoid something happening and stop from being sick, mental health as in short. I guess she's okay..?? I been a little scared of her. Silly I know 🙄I was also told that I will be transfered to another School as in 1 sept. I will also work with another person, a woman. It will be 5 h a day. From 4 pm to 9 pm? Apparently it wont be as demanding.👀 Atleast what she said.   I have no idea who will be cleaning there after im gone. All I know is that school is A HELL SCHOOL. They are never happy, Always something they are not happy with. Its not big things. Really small things. UGH. 😒😑

Im REALLY happy if I will be somewhere else. ☺️Im really tired of feeling not good enough and stressed out about it... I will see how it goes. 😉🤪

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