Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Wednesday blues ☹️

I don't feel like I am not important to anyone.😟☹️😭 😡Like I don't matter. I haven't heard from my guy since Thursday last week... Like wtf!! 🙄😒😔 Did u say something to upset him? Or?? My mind is just going crazy here.. Ugh!!!! I'm so depressed and my anxiety is on high alert. (pmdd) I just feel like I really don't matter for real... Would anyone miss me if I was gone? I don't know 🤔😐😤 fuck this shit and all..
Ugh!!!!!!!!!! Maybe I will be silent and not respond for a whole 2 weeks? 🙄 I'm just blah about feeling like this for real.... 😭🤬😡

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