Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Day 3 on dieting


I'm so hungry.🤐😑😒 It seems... All the time. Mostly I'm craving. Potatoe chips. So badly!!!  I just been eating 1200 cals or less. No snacking at night. Except for 2 sandwiches. I don't eat dinner cus I'm at work. I can tell. Gonna try doing this for a month. Darn if I don't lose any weight I will scream. 😤 I a allowed to eat snacks on the weekend. Not too much. Like binging. 
I'm tired of being this weight. My knees have started to bother me. Is it because of om overweight? Or something else. I don't know...🤔

There is no quick fix.. Just hard work. Wish it was as easy as it was to gain weight lol🤣😂

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